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   WHEN will this happen?

We are advocating for the development and passage of an Integrated Pest Management policy (IPM) for schools, parks and other public spaces in Blaine County right away. A countywide IPM would eliminate or greatly reduce the use of toxic pesticides on these types of properties and emphasize the use of other methods. This goal will involve passing resolutions to implement IPM at the city level and then working to combine these to implement a resolution at the county level as well.

Citizens have a right to know when and where pesticides are used on publicly owned property. Parents should be able to choose if or when to allow their kids to use city parks, the bike path and other areas to protect their health. We all have a right to take precautions to avoid direct exposure to chemicals that may harm our health.

21 states already have notification laws for commercial application of pesticides, enabling people to protect their kids from direct exposure to these chemicals.

We want to add Blaine County to the list of communities leading the charge to beat weeds, keep kids safe and minimize our exposure to toxic pesticides.

Please note: The term pesticide can be used to refer to herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide or all of these types of chemicals. 
A coalition of Wood River Valley citizens, founded by Brian Ross and Susan Reinstein Follow us on:
Kathryn Goldman, Campaign Director cell: 208.721.3108 kathryn@pesticideactionnetwork.net