Communities all over the country are working to control weeds and maintain public spaces using alternatives to pesticides including: mechanical control, bio-control, targeted grazing, non-toxic, natural products and prevention strategies. We can put all these methods to work in Blaine County to protect kids and keep our water clean!

Recently, Pesticide Action Network of Blaine County crafted a partnership with Blaine County Recreation District to use a herd of 650 goats to control weeds on the Wood River Trail. As part of this 3 year pilot project, trail users will see the goats eating weeds each summer for 6 weeks. Weeds beware!

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Our public spaces are the best places to provide working examples of non-chemical weed control. Citizens also have a right to know when and where pesticides are used on public property.

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Children are particularly vulnerable to pesticides. Their small size and rapid growth rates make them more susceptible to the adverse health effects of pesticides. Children also touch their eyes and mouths more than adults, and crawl and play on the ground, increasing their exposure. Help us protect our kids while they are at school or play.
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